Chicago Med stažení


 Season / Série 7

1.You Can't Always Trust What You SeeZde
2.To Lean In, or To Let GoZde
3.Be the Change You Want to SeeZde
4.Status Quo, AKA The Mess We're inZde
5.Change Is a Tough Pill to SwallowZde
6.When You're a Hammer Everything's a NailZde
7.A Square Peg in a Round HoleZde
8.Just as a Snake Sheds Its SkinZde
9.Secret Santa Has a Gift for YouZde
10.No Good Deed Goes ChicagoZde
11.The Things We Thought We Left BehindZde
12.What You Don't Know Can't Hurt YouZde
13.Reality Leaves a Lot to the ImaginationZde
14.All the Things That Could Have BeenZde
15.Things Meant to Be Bent Not BrokenZde
16.May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not FearZde
17.If You Love Someone, Set Them FreeZde
18.Judge Not, For You Will Be JudgedZde
19.Like a Phoenix Rising From the AshesZde
20.End of the Day, Anything Can HappenZde
21.Lying Doesn't Protect You from the TruthZde
22.And Now We Come to the EndZde

 Season / Série 1


Season / Série 2

1.Soul CareZde
2.Win LossZde
3.Natural HistoryZde
4.Brother's KeeperZde
5.Extreme MeasuresZde
6.Alternative MedicineZde
7.Inherent BiasZde
8.Free WillZde
9.Uncharted TerritoryZde
10.Heart MattersZde
11.Graveyard ShiftZde
12.Mirror MirrorZde
13.Theseus' ShipZde
14.Cold FrontZde
15.Lose YourselfZde
16.Prisoner's DilemmaZde
17.Monday MourningZde
18.Lesson LearnedZde
19.Ctrl AltZde
20.Generation GapZde
21.Deliver UsZde
22.White ButterfliesZde
23.Love HurtsZde

Season / Série 3 

1.Speak Your TruthZde
2.Nothing to FearZde
3.Trust Your GutZde
4.Naughty or NiceZde
5.Mountains and MolehillsZde
6.Ties That BindZde
7.Over Troubled WaterZde
8.Lemons and LemonadeZde
9.On Shaky GroundZde
10.Down by LawZde
11.Folie à DeuxZde
12.Born This WayZde
13.Best Laid PlansZde
14.Lock It DownZde
15.Devil in DisguiseZde
16.An Inconvenient TruthZde
17.The Parent TrapZde
18.This Is NowZde
19.Crisis Of ConfidenceZde
20.The Tipping PointZde

 Season / Série 4

1.Be My Better HalfZde
2.When To Let GoZde
3.Heavy Is The HeadZde
4.Backed Against The WallZde
5.What You Don't Know...Zde
6.Lesser of Two EvilsZde
7.The Poison Inside UsZde
8.Play By My RulesZde
9.Death Do Us PartZde
10.All The Lonely PeopleZde
11.Who Can You TrustZde
12.The Things We DoZde
13.Ghosts in the AtticZde
14.Can't Unring That BellZde
15.We Hold These TruthsZde
16.Old Flames, New SparksZde
17.The Space Between UsZde
18.Tell Me The TruthZde
19.Never Let You GoZde
20.More Harm Than GoodZde
21.Forever Hold Your PeaceZde

 Season / Série 5

1.Never Going Back to NormalZde
2.We're Lost in the DarkZde
3.In the Valley of the ShadowsZde
4.Infection, Part IIZde
5.Got a Friend in MeZde
6.It's All in the FamilyZde
7.Who Knows What Tomorrow BringsZde
8.Too Close to the SunZde
9.I Can't Imagine the FutureZde
10.Guess It Doesn't Matter AnymoreZde
11.The Ground Shifts Beneath UsZde
12.Leave the Choice to SolomonZde
13.Pain Is for the LivingZde
14.It May Not Be ForeverZde
15.I Will Do No HarmZde
16.Who Should Be the JudgeZde
17.The Ghosts of the PastZde
18.In the Name of LoveZde
19.Just a River in EgyptZde
20.A Needle in the HeartZde

 Season / Série 6

1.When Did We Begin to ChangeZde
2.Those Things Hidden in Plain SightZde
3.Do You Know the Way HomeZde
4.In Search of Forgiveness, Not PermissionZde
5.When Your Heart Rules Your HeadZde
6.Don't Want to Face This NowZde
7.Better Is the Enemy of GoodZde
8.Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and SonsZde
9.For the Want of a NailZde
10.So Many Things We've Kept BuriedZde
11.Letting Go Only to Come TogetherZde
12.Some Things Are Worth the RiskZde
13.What a Tangled Web We WeaveZde
14.A Red Pill, a Blue PillZde
15.Stories, Secrets, Half Truths and LiesZde
16.I Will Come to Save YouZde