Dynasty 2017 stažení


Season / Série 2

1.Twenty-Three SkidooZde
2.Ship of VipersZde
3.The Butler Did ItZde
4.Snowflakes in HellZde
5.Queen of CupsZde
6.That WitchZde
7.A Temporary InfestationZde
8.A Real Instinct for the JugularZde
9.Crazy LadyZde

Season / Série 1 

1.I Hardly Recognized YouZde
2.Spit It OutZde
3.Guilt Is For Insecure PeopleZde
4.Private As A CircusZde
5.Company SlutZde
6.I Exist Only for MeZde
7.A Taste of Your Own MedicineZde
8.The Best Things In LifeZde
9.Rotten ThingsZde
10.A Well-Dressed TarantulaZde
11.I Answer To No ManZde
12.Promises You Can´t KeepZde
13.Nothing But Trouble
14.The Gospel According to Blake CarringtonZde
15.Our Turn NowZde
16.Poor Little Rich GirlZde
17.Enter AlexisZde
18.Don't Con A Con ArtistZde
19.Use or Be UsedZde
20.A Line from the PastZde
21.Trashy Little TrampZde
22.Dead ScratchZde