The Magicians stažení



Season / Série 3

1.The Tale of the Seven KeysZde
2.Heroes and MoronsZde
3.The Losses of MagicZde
4.Be the PennyZde
5.A Life in the DayZde
6.Do You Like Teeth?Zde
7.Poached EggsZde
8.Six Short Stories About MagicZde
9.All That JoshZde
10.The Art of the DealZde
12.The Fillorian CandidateZde
13.Will You Play With Me?Zde

Season / Série 1

1.Unauthorized MagicZde
2.The Source of MagicZde
3.Consequences of Advanced SpellcastingZde
4.The World in the WallsZde
5.Mendings, Major and MinorZde
6.Impractical ApplicationsZde
7.The Mayakovsky CircumstancesZde
8.The Strangled HeartZde
9.The Writing RoomZde
11.Remedial Battle MagicZde
12.Thirty-Nine GravesZde
13.Have You Brought Me Little CakesZde

Season / Série 2

1.Knight of CrownsZde
2.Hotel Spa PotionsZde
3.Divine EliminationZde
4.The Flying ForestZde
5.Cheat DayZde
6.The Cock BarrensZde
7.Plan BZde
8.Word As BondZde
9.Lesser EvilsZde
10.The Girl Who Told TimeZde
11.The RatteningZde
13.We Have Brought You Little CakesZde