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seriál empire series.2015.s06e04
Empire S06E04 „Tell the Truth“
seriál empire series.2015.s06e03
Empire S06E03 „You Broke Love“
seriál Empire series.2015.S06E02
Empire S06E02 „Got on My Knees to Pray“
seriál empire series.2015.s06e01
Empire S06E01 „What is Love“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e18
Empire S05E18 „The Roughest Day“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e17
Empire S05E17 „My Fate Cries Out“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e16
Empire S05E16 „Never Doubt I Love“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e15
Empire S05E15 „A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child“
seriál Empire series.2015.S05E13
Empire S05E13 „Hot Blood, Hot Thoughts, Hot Deeds“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e12
Empire S05E12 „Shift and Save Yourself“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e11
Empire S05E11 „Loving Virtue“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e10
Empire S05E10 „My Fault Is Past“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e09
Empire S05E09 „Had It From My Father“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e08
Empire S05E08 „Master of What is Mine Own“
seriál Empire series.2015.S05E06
Empire S05E06 „What Is Done“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e04
Empire S05E04 „Love All, Trust a Few“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e03
Empire S05E03 „Pride“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e02
Empire S05E02 „Pay For Their Presumptions“
seriál empire series.2015.s05e01
Empire S05E01 „Steal From the Thief“
seriál nashville series.2012.s06e16
Nashville S06E16 „Beyond the Sunset“
Nashville S06E12 „The House That Built Me“
Nashville S06E11 „No Place That Far“
Nashville S06E09 „Pick Yourself Up“
Empire S04E18 „The Empire Unpossess’d“
Empire S04E13 „Of Hardiness is Mother“