Anger Management ke stažení



Season / Série 1

1. Charlie Goes Back to TherapyZde
2.Charlie and the SlumpbusterZde
3.Charlie Tries Sleep DeprivationZde
4.Charlie and Kate Battle Over a PatientZde
5.Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is LegitZde
6.Charlie Dates Kate's PatientZde
7.Charlie's Patient Gets Out of JailZde
8.Charlie Outs A PatientZde
9. Charlie's Dad VisitsZde
10.Charlie Gets RomanticZde

Season / Série 2

1.Charlie Loses it at a Baby ShowerZde
2.Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose ItZde
3. Charlie and the Ex-PatientZde
4.Charlie’s Dad Breaks BadZde
5. Charlie & Jen Together AgainZde
6.Charlie And Deception TherapyZde
7. Charlie Dates a TeacherZde
8. Charlie and Cee LoZde
9. Charlie is an Expert WitnessZde
10. Charlie & CatholicismZde
11.Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, AngryZde
12. Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into TroubleZde
13.Charlie and Lacey Piss Off the NeighborhoodZde
14.Charlie and Kate Horse AroundZde
15. Charlie's Patients Hook UpZde
16.Charlie and Kate's Dirty PicturesZde
17.Charlie Lets Kate Take ChargeZde
18.Charlie and the Break Up CoachZde
19. Charlie, Kate and Jen Get RomanticZde
20. Charlie Breaks Up With KateZde
21. Charlie & His New TherapistZde
22.Charlie and Kate Start a Sex StudyZde
23.Charlie & The Secret GigoloZde
24.Charlie and His New Friend with BenefitsZde
25. Charlie and the Airport SextZde
26. Charlie and the Hot NerdZde
27. Charlie Dates a Serial Killer’s SisterZde
28.Charlie and the Cheating PatientZde
29.Charlie and the Hit and RunZde
30. Charlie and the VirginZde
31.Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex LifeZde
32.Charlie and the Prison RiotZde
33. Charlie and Kate Do It For MoneyZde
34.Charlie and the StingZde
35. Charlie Gets The Party StartedZde
36.Charlie and the Grad StudentZde
37. Charlie's New Sex Study PartnerZde
38.Charlie and the Sex AddictZde
39.Charlie and the HookerZde
40.Charlie and the DevilZde
41.Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the ExesZde
42.Charlie Helps Lacey Stay RichZde
43. Charlie Loses His Virginity AgainZde
44.Charlie Does It for ScienceZde
45. Charlie and Lacey Shack UpZde
46. Charlie and the Christmas HookerZde
47.Charlie and the Pajama InterventionZde
48.Charlie Sets Jordan Up With A Serial KillerZde
49.Charlie and the TwinsZde
50.Charlie and Sean Fight Over a GirlZde
51.Charlie and The Last Temptation of EugenioZde
52.Charlie and the Hot LatinaZde
53.Charlie and His Probation Officer's DaughterZde
54.Charlie Gets Date RatedZde
55.Charlie and Jordan Go to PrisonZde
56.Charlie and the Re-Virginized HookerZde
57. Charlie Catches Jordan in the ActZde
58.Charlie Spends the Night with LaceyZde
59.Charlie Screws a Prisoners GirlfriendZde
60.Charlie Cops a FeelZde
61.Charlie, Lacey and the Dangerous PlumberZde
62.Charlie and the Mother of All SessionsZde
63.Charlie and Sean's Twisted SisterZde
64. Charlie Has a ThreesomeZde
65.Charlie and the Lap Dance of DoomZde
66. Charlie Tests His Will PowerZde
67.Charlie and the Psychic TherapistZde
68.Charlie Gets Between Sean and JordanZde
69.Charlie Does Time With the Hot WardenZde
70.Charlie and The Warden's Dirty SecretZde
71. Charlie and the Temper of DoomZde
72.Charlie Gets TrashedZde
73.Charlie and the Case of the Curious HottieZde
74. Charlie Pledges a Sorority SisterZde
75.Charlie Plays Hide And Go CheatZde
76.Charlie and The Revenge of the Hot NerdZde
77.Charlie and The Curse of the Flying FistZde
78.Charlie and the Houseful of HookersZde
79.Charlie Gets Patrick HighZde
80.Charlie and Lacey Go For BrokeZde
81.Charlie & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad ThanksgivingZde
82. Charlie Rolls The Dice in VegasZde
83.Charlie & The Return of the Danger GirlZde
84.Charlie Gets In Bed with Jordan's ExZde
85.Charlie's Living the DreamZde
86. Charlie Meets his MatchZde
87.Charlie and The Epic Relationship FailZde
88. Charlie Gets Tied Up with A Catholic GirlZde
89.Charlie and the Sexy Swing VoteZde
90.Charlie & The 100th EpisodeZde