Black Lady Sketch Show stažení


Season / Série 3

1.Save My Edges, I'm a Donor!Zde
2.Anybody Have Something I Can Flog Myself With?Zde
3.Y'all Want Some Blood Juice?Zde
4.Bounce Them Coochies, Y'all!Zde
5.Peaches and Eggplants for Errbody!Zde
6.It's a New Day, Africa America!

Season / Série 1

1.Angela Bassett Is the Baddest BitchZde
2.Your Boss Knows You Don't Have EyebrowsZde
3.3rd & Bonaparte Is Always in the ShadeZde
4.Where Are My Background Singers?Zde
5.Why Are Her Pies Wet, Lord?Zde
6.Born at Night, But Not Last NightZde

Season / Série 2

1.But The Tilapias Are Fine Though, Right?Zde
2.So You Just Out Here Chloroforming Anybody?Zde
3.Sister, May I Call You Oshun?Zde
4.My Booty Look Juicy, Don't It?Zde
5.If I'm Paying These Chili's Prices, You Cannot Taste My Steak!Zde
6.Way To Ruin The Party, Soya!Zde