Ink Master stažení


Season / Série 14

1.Episode 1Zde
4.Match a MasterZde
5.Master Mash UpsZde
6.Up in FlamesZde
7.Panes of PressureZde
8.Let the Sparks FlyZde
9.Finale, Part 1Zde
10.Finale, Part 2Zde

Season / Série 1

1.Fresh MeatZde
2.Botched Heat TattooZde
3.Pasties and a Camel ToeZde
4.Ink Disaster PieceZde
5.Game OnZde
6.Permanent MistakesZde
7.Picture ImperfectZde
8.Ink Master RevealedZde
9.Ink Master RevealedZde

Season / Série 2

1.Tattooing the DeadZde
2.Semi Nude 911Zde
3.The 80 Year Old VirginZde
4.Tattoo Her What?Zde
5.Trick or FreakZde
6.Half Naked and Fully LoadedZde
7.Star Wars ForeverZde
8.Holy InkZde
9.Buck OffZde
10.Blowing ChunksZde
11.Better Than Words?Zde
12.This Bigger They AreZde
13.Ink Master LiveZde

Season / Série 3

1.Baby Got BackZde
2.Thrills for GrillsZde
3.Fire and LaceZde
4.Elysium ChallengeZde
5.Baby Beat-DownZde
6.Animal InstinctZde
7.Monumental MistakesZde
8.Baby Don't GoZde
9.Skulls and VillainsZde
10.Eyes of the BeholderZde
11.Heroes and HeadsZde
12.Enduring the PainZde
13.The Epic FinaleZde

Season / Série 4

1.Earn It!Zde
2.Bug OutZde
3.Tatt GangedZde
4.Nude & TattooedZde
5.X Men's Hugh JackmanZde
6.2 on 1 Tat-AstropheZde
7.Artist SlaughterZde
8.Ink Master ExplosionZde
9.Fighting DirtyZde
10.Tag Team TattZde
11.Karma's a BitchZde
13.Ink Master LiveZde

Season / Série 5

1.Inking with the EnemyZde
2.Pin Up PittfallsZde
3.Head to HeadacheZde
4.Geishas Gone WrongZde
5.Glass on BlastZde
6.Cheek to CheekZde
7.Three's a CrowdZde
8.Ink My OosikZde
9.Virgin BloodZde
11.Up in SmokeZde
12.Heads Will RollZde
13.Painstaking PortraitsZde
14.Firing SquadZde
15.Fight to the FinaleZde
16.Ink LiveZde
17.Merry InkZde

Season / Série 6

1.Meet Your MakerZde
2.Fight or FlightZde
3.Sink or SwimZde
5.Problem PartsZde
6.Firing LinesZde
8.Composed and ExposedZde
9.Like a Moth to the FlameZde
10.Hell on WheelsZde
11.Hail ManiZde
12.Slitting ThroatsZde
13.Player's ChoiceZde
14.Active DutyZde
15.Go Big or Go HomeZde
16.Ink Master LiveZde

Season / Série 7

2.One Man's TrashZde
3.Salt in the WoundZde
4.The Devil's in the DetailsZde
5.New School, Old ArtistZde
6.Under PressureZde
7.Knuckle SandwichZde
8.Breathing FireZde
9.Sink Or SoarZde
11.Head In The GameZde
12.Turning The TablesZde
13.Revenge LiveZde

Season / Série 8

1.Weeding Out the WeakZde
2.The Game BeginsZde
3.Ruffled FeathersZde
4.Put on Your ArmorZde
5.Sparks FlyZde
6.Sticky SituationZde
7.New School, Old ScarsZde
8.Bent Out of ShapeZde
9.Head GamesZde
10.Like Sand Through the Hour GlassZde
11.Deck and Cover UpZde
12.Road to the FinaleZde
13.Heavy LiftingZde
14.Bio-Mechanical FailureZde
15.No One Is SafeZde
16.Peck vs. NunezZde

Season / Série 9

1.Fire & IceZde
2.Crossing the LineZde
3.Unnatural DisastersZde
4.Lend Me Your EarZde
5.War And InkZde
6.Get The Flock Outta HereZde
7.On The BubbleZde
8.Masterpiece MayhemZde
9.Pin-Up Panic AttackZde
10.Drill Baby, DrillZde
11.Grim InkerZde
12.Pit FallZde
13.Sell OutZde
14.Casting The First StoneZde
15.Marathon to the FinaleZde
16.Shop Wars FinaleZde

Season / Série 10

1.Pick Your SideZde
2.Fill'er UpZde
3.Divine ProportionZde
4.Step It UpZde
5.Ink On the Dotted LineZde
6.Chin UpZde
7.Eye Of The TigerZde
8.Pane in the GlassZde
9.Ink RaiderZde
10.Some Assembly RequiredZde
11.Quit Buggin' MeZde
12.Total MeltdownZde
13.Monkey See, Monkey DoZde
14.No Stain, No GainZde
15.Final ExamZde
16.Return Of The Masters FinaleZde

Season / Série 11

1.Opening ShotsZde
2.Not On My WatchZde
3.Right On TargetZde
4.No Wrist, No RewardZde
5.That's Gonna Leave A MarkZde
6.Fight Your Own BattlesZde
7.No Wasted SpaceZde
8.Chalk This WayZde
9.Tipping the ScalesZde
10.Put Up Or Shut UpZde
11.In Deep WatersZde
12.Too Hot to HandleZde
13.Who's Got The Power?Zde
14.What Are You Crayon About?Zde
15.Prelude to a BloodbathZde
16.Grudge Match FinaleZde

Season / Série 12

1.The Ink Will Speak For ItselfZde
2.A Storm Is Brewin'Zde
3.Down To The WireZde
4.The Hunter & The HuntedZde
5.The Art Stands AloneZde
6.Art Of WarZde
8.Pins & No NeedlesZde
9.Drawing AlliancesZde
10.By Accident Or By DesignZde
11.Roll Of The DiceZde
12.Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth IsZde
13.Moving PicturesZde
14.Unfriendly FireZde
15.Step Up Or Shut UpZde
16.Battle of the Sexes FinaleZde

Season / Série 13

1.Rep Your RegionZde
2.Clash of the CollagesZde
3.Teamwork Makes the Dream WorkZde
4.Battle LinesZde
5.Out of Your ElementZde
6.Off the ChainZde
7.Head SpinZde
8.Sugar RushZde
9.Artistry on the LineZde
10.Every Artist for ThemselvesZde
11.From Toast to ToastZde
12.Last DrawZde
13.There Can Only Be OneZde
14.Compose YourselfZde
15.Race to the FinishZde